Camp Ernst Road Widening Phase 1

Project Information

Facility: Camp Ernst Road (CR 1001)

Location: Boone County Arboretum to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road)

Project Type: Roadway Widening/Relocation/New Facility

Priority Level: Tier 1

Project Description:

  • Widen Camp Ernst Road from two to four or five lanes to improve capacity.
  • Correct geometric deficiencies that impact safety and mobility.
  • Install a multi-use path to connect to the planned multi-use path associated with the KY 237 (Camp Ernst Road/Pleasant Valley Road) widening project.
  • Replace the Camp Ernst Bridge over Gunpowder Creek.

Cost Estimate:

Design Utilities Right of Way Construction TOTAL
$2,220,000 $1,480,000 $7,390,000 $16,820,000 $27,910,000


  • Additional capacity will accommodate the future traffic that is expected along this roadway and support the expansion of residential and institutional land uses.
  • Geometric deficiencies will be corrected to reduce the number and severity of crashes.
  • The Camp Ernst Road bridge over Gunpowder Creek will be replaced to avoid future weight limit restrictions or closures.
  • This project will improve mobility for schools, parks and homes in the area.
  • A dedicated multi-use path would provide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and connect to the bicycle and pedestrian network in Boone County, supporting Boone County’s overall goal of improved bicycle and pedestrian connectivity and safety.  Click HERE for a map of multi-use paths in Boone County.
  • The multi-use path proposed in this recommendation will connect schools and future housing on Longbranch Road to parks along Camp Ernst Road, the Oakbrook subdivision, and to the proposed multi-use path included in the KY 237 (Camp Ernst Road/Pleasant Valley Road) widening project.


  • Historic sites, wells, hazardous materials and parks have been identified within the project area.
  • Existing Camp Ernst Road at Longbranch Road is located between two electric utility substations to the east and residences to the west. Widening of the roadway will impact either the substation or the houses.
  • There are steep grades near Gunpowder Creek.
  • The Gunpowder Creek Bridge will need to be replaced.

Existing Conditions

Functional Classification: Minor Collector

Existing ADT: 4,390 vehicles per day

2040 Forecasted ADT: 5,100 vehicles per day


  • Existing Camp Ernst Road is a two-lane facility with no passing opportunities.
  • Currently, there is congestion along the route in the AM peak period, PM peak period and during sporting events.
  • There is a new middle school that is proposed on Longbranch Road which will increase traffic on the roadway.

Land Use/Socio-Economic/Environmental:

  • The existing land uses served by this roadway are primarily agricultural, woodlands and rural density housing. However, future land uses include additional suburban density housing which will increase the volume of traffic on the roadway.
  • There are two schools currently located on Longbranch Road including the Randall K. Cooper High School and the Longbranch Elementary School. An additional school, Ballyshannon Middle School, is planned on Longbranch Road. Camp Ernst Road is the primary route used by buses, parents and student drivers to access these schools.
  • By year 2040, population adjacent to Camp Ernst Road is expected increase by over 6,000 households.


  • Narrow lanes and shoulders raise safety concerns for drivers that use the roadway.
  • The frequency of crashes along the roadway is 50 percent higher than the statewide average for similar roadways. There is a pattern of single vehicle crashes in the curve just south of the Camp Ernst Bridge over Gunpowder Creek.
  • Between 2012 and 2016, there was one fatal, head-on collision between Gordon Boulevard and Longbranch Road.
  • The Camp Ernst Road bridge over Gunpowder Creek has a sufficiency rating of 49 out of 100, which qualifies it for replacement.


  • There are no dedicated bicycle or pedestrian facilities along this roadway.  However, OKI’s Bike Route Guide classifies this route as a “preferred route.”
  • This route provides a connection between the Oakbrook residential area, Camp Ernst Lake, schools on Longbranch Road, and the Boone County Arboretum which indicates a demand for dedicated bicycle and pedestrian facilities.