Draft Recommendations

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Roadway Widening/Relocation/New Route

Capacity-adding project that creates additional roadway travel lane(s).

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Boone County Truck ParkingHebron/CVG AreaConduct a feasibility study for public, dedicated, truck parking facility(ies) and/or enhanced infrastructure and implement recommendations.$600,000Not able to be mapped
Bullittsville Road Phase 1KY 20 (Petersburg Road) to 0.5 miles north of Conrad LaneWiden Bullittsville Road and construct a multi-use path.$27,300,000View Map
Bullittsville Road Phase 2 (Gateway Boulevard)Gateway Boulevard to Bullittsville RoadExtend Gateway Boulevard to Bullittsville Road.$10,500,000View Map
Bullittsville Road Phase 3Conrad Lane to a point 0.5 miles northWiden Bullittsville Road and construct a multi-use path.$9,500,000View Map
Camp Ernst RoadLongbranch RoadReconstruct the intersection of Camp Ernst Road and Longbranch Road and widen Longbranch Road for approximately 1,900 feet.$525,000View Map
Camp Ernst Road Phase 1KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) to the Boone County ArboretumWiden Camp Ernst Road and extend the multi-use path from the KY 237 (Camp Ernst/Pleasant Valley) widening project.$34,000,000View Map
Camp Ernst Road Phase 2Boone County Arboretum to KY 536 (Mount Zion Road)Widen Camp Ernst Road and construct a multi-use path.$16,000,000View Map
Gateway Loop RoadGateway CollegeConstruct a new loop road around the campus of Gateway College located on KY 536 (Mount Zion Road). (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Item Number 06-8630.00).$500,000View Map
Graves RoadI-275Construct a new interchange on I-275 at Graves Road and widen Graves Road as recommended in the Interchange Justification Study.$49,430,000View Map
Holbrook LaneTiger Court to Rogers LaneConstruct a new roadway and adjacent bicycle and pedestrian facility to complete the Holbrook Lane connection from Rogers Lane to Oakbrook Road.$3,955,000View Map
I-275KY 20 (Petersburg Road)Perform an Interchange Justification Study (IJS) to construct a new interchange at KY 20 (Petersburg Road). Construct the interchange as recommended.$50,000,000View Map
I-275KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Perform an Interchange Modification Study (IMS) to reconstruct the interchange at KY 3076 (Mineola Pike). Construct the improvements as recommended.$50,000,000View Map
I-71/75KY 536 (Mount Zion Road) to US 42Add auxiliary lanes on I-71/75 from KY 536 (Mount Zion Road) to US 42 (northbound and southbound) as per the Interchange Justification Study.$21,060,000View Map
KY 18 (Burlington Pike)KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)Improve capacity at the KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway). Consider grade separated options as well as non-conventional at grade intersection treatments.$49,500,000View Map
KY 18 (Burlington Pike)Hunters Ridge Road to Jefferson StreetWiden KY 18 (Burlington Pike) and provide pedestrian facilities.$22,630,000View Map
KY 20 (Petersburg Road)KY 237 (North Bend Road) to Graves RoadWiden KY 20 (Petersburg Road) and construct a multi-use path.$28,510,000View Map
KY 20 (Petersburg Road) ExtensionKY 20 (Petersburg Road) tunnel under CVG to Coral DriveConstruct a new route to connect KY 20 (Petersburg Road) to KY 237 (North Bend Road) at Coral Lane.$14,340,000View Map
KY 236 (Donaldson Highway)KY 842 (Houston Road) to KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Widen KY 236 (Donaldson Highway) and install pedestrian facilities.$18,000,000View Map
KY 237 (Gunpowder Road)KY 237 (Gunpowder Road) from US 42 to KY 536 (Mount Zion Road)Widen KY 237 (Gunpowder Road) and install a multi-use path$9,810,000View Map
KY 237 (North Bend Road)KY 2846 (Global Way) to Graves RoadWiden KY 237 (North Bend Road) and convert the roundabouts at Graves Road and Cardinal Way to two lane roundabouts.$20,000,000View Map
KY 237 (North Bend Road)I-275 to Cardinal WayConstruct additional turn lanes at KY 237 (North Bend Road) and Worldwide Boulevard, and add additional through lane capacity through the KY 237 intersection with KY 2846 (Tanner Road).$1,500,000View Map
KY 237 (Pleasant Valley/Camp Ernst)Valley View Drive to Rogers LaneReconstruct and widen KY 237 (Pleasant Valley/Camp Ernst) from Valley View Drive to Rogers Lane.$33,500,000View Map
KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Dolwick Drive to KY 236 (Donaldson Highway)Widen KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) and provide pedestrian facilities.$14,500,000View Map
KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) / KY 717 (Turfway Road) ConnectorKY 3076 (Mineola Pike) from Jamike Lane to the South Airfield Drive intersection with Wendell Ford Boulevard. KY 717 (Turfway Road) from Aero Parkway to KY 236 (Donaldson Highway)Extend KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) to the intersection with South Airfield Drive and Wendell Ford Boulevard. Widen KY 717 (Turfway Road) and remove the 90 degree curve.$16,000,000View Map
KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) Extension Phase 1Delta Road to South Airfield DriveExtend KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) approximately 0.5 miles, to provide a direct connection from the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport to I-275.$5,000,000View Map
KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) Extension Phase 2South Airfield Drive to KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)Extend KY 3076 (Mineola Pike), south, approximately 1.15 miles to KY 1017 (Aero Parkway). Reconstruct a portion of KY 717 (Turfway Road) to intersect with the new roadway.$10,250,000View Map
KY 842 (Richardson Road)US 25 (Dixie Highway) to Boone County LineIncrease safety and operations at the intersection of KY 842 (Richardson Road) and US 25 (Dixie Highway) from west of US 25 to the Boone County Line.$9,130,000View Map
Litton LaneExisting Litton Lane to Graves RoadExtend Litton Lane to Graves Road (two possible alignment concepts shown on map). Provide temporary truck parking along existing and proposed sections of Litton Lane and pedestrian facilities.$6,590,000View Map
Mall Road Connector (Phase 1)Mall Road to KY 842 (Hopeful Church Road)Provide a new roadway and multi-use path.$11,000,000View Map
Mall Road Connector (Phase 2)KY 842 (Hopeful Church Road) to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road)Provide a new roadway and multi-use path.$9,000,000View Map
Rice PikeUS 42 to Crayton WayWiden Rice Pike and install pedestrian facilities to accommodate future development along the corridor.$15,000,000View Map
Toebben Drive Loop ExtensionToebben Drive to KY 536Extend Toebben Drive eastward to connect with KY 536 in Kenton County and include pedestrian facilities.$3,170,000View Map
US 25 (Dixie Highway)Beeson Drive to Winning Colors DriveWiden US 25 (Dixie Highway) to improve safety and capacity.$52,800,000View Map
US 42Ryle High School to Hicks PikeWiden from Ryle High School to Hicks Pike and provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities.$9,300,000View Map
Youell Road ConnectorKY 1017 (Aero Parkway) to KY 237 (North Bend Road)Construct a new roadway and multi-use path to connect KY 1017 (Aero Parkway) and KY 237 (North Bend Road), south of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport to assist in accommodating future, planned industrial development on KY 1017.$30,550,000View Map
Roadway Maintenance/Reconstruction

Non-capacity-adding project that does not create additional roadway travel lane(s).

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Hicks Pike Phase 1KY 338 to Man O War BoulevardReconstruct Hicks Pike and provide a dedicated pedestrian facility.$9,700,000View Map
Hicks Pike Phase 2Man O War Boulevard to US 42Reconstruct Hicks Pike and provide a dedicated pedestrian facility.$13,200,000View Map
I-275KY 212 (Terminal Drive)Reconstruct the I-275 interchange at KY 212 and reconstruct KY 20 (Petersburg Road) near the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport$56,800,000View Map
I-71/75I-275 to KY 717 (Turfway Road)Complete an interchange modification study (IMS) to determine improvements to upgrade the interchange and its system-to-system ramps. Construct the interchange as recommended.$85,000,000View Map
I-71/75KY 536 (Mount Zion Road)Reconstruct the I-71/75 interchange at KY 536 (Mount Zion Road).$27,510,000View Map
I-71/75KY 338 (Richwood Road)Reconstruct the I-71/75 interchange at KY 338 (Richwood Road). This project also includes the widening of US 25 (Dixie Highway) from KY 338 to Winning Colors Drive with grade separation of KY 338 at US 25 and railroad overpass for KY 338.$109,480,000View Map
I-71/75US 42Complete an interchange modification study (IMS) and reconstruct the interchange as recommended. Include a dedicated pedestrian facility across the interchange.$42,500,000View Map
KY 14 (Mary Grubbs Highway) Phase 1I-75 Southbound RampsConduct an interchange modification study to modify the southbound approach to the KY 14 intersection with the southbound I-75 ramps. Dedicated dual left turn lanes and a dedicated right turn lane should be considered. Construct the improvements as recommended.$2,230,000View Map
KY 14 (Mary Grubbs Highway) Phase 2Southbound I-75 ramps to KY 1292 (Beaver Road)Conduct an interchange modification study to improve the traffic flow at the KY 14 (Mary Grubbs Highway) intersections with southbound the I-75 ramps and KY 1292 (Beaver Road).$27,370,000View Map
KY 14 (Verona Mudlick Road)I-75 to US 42Reconstruct KY 14 (Verona Mudlick Road) to improve existing geometric deficiencies.$33,070,000View Map
KY 20 (Petersburg Road)KY 237 (North Bend Road) to Conner RoadImprove KY 20 (Petersburg Road) from approximately milepoint 17.8 to KY 237.$14,200,000View Map
KY 20 (Petersburg Road)Approximate MP 6.1 to 7.1Reconstruct the curve to reduce the number and severity of crashes.$1,930,000View Map
KY 3060 (Frogtown Road)KY 3060 (Frogtown Road) from US 42 to US 25 (Dixie Highway)Reconstruct KY 3060 (Frogtown Road) and provide pedestrian/bicycle facilities.$16,000,000View Map
KY 3060 (Frogtown Road)Triple Crown BoulevardCorrect geometric deficiencies and add left turn lanes on KY 3060 (Frogtown Road) at Triple Crown Boulevard and Cedarwood.$1,930,000View Map
KY 338 (Richwood Road)Hicks Pike to Triple Crown BoulevardReconstruct KY 338 (Richwood Road) and provide sidewalks on both sides of the roadway.$3,900,000View Map
KY 536 (Rabbit Hash Road)Riddles Run Road to East Bend RoadPerform a safety audit. Install curve sign upgrades and high friction surface on KY 536 (Rabbit Hash Road) in sharp curves between KY 2852 and KY 338 as recommended in the safety audit.$470,000View Map
Longbranch RoadCooper High School to Orleans BoulevardReconstruct Longbranch Road and install a multi-use path along the south side of the roadway.$7,000,000View Map
Rogers LaneHanover Boulevard to Torrid StreetReconstruct Rogers Lane and provide left turn lanes at intersections with existing residential streets.$14,000,000View Map
US 25 (Dixie Highway)Beeson Drive to Aristocrat DriveWiden US 25 (Dixie Highway) from Beeson Drive to Aristocrat Drive and construct a grade separated intersection at the intersection of US 25 with KY 536 (Mount Zion Road).$34,510,000View Map
US 25 (Dixie Highway)Approximately 850 feet north of the US 25 (Dixie Highway) intersection with KY 842 (Weaver Road)Minor widening and construction of a southbound left turn lane on US 25 (Dixie Highway) at Mubea. (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Item Number 06-351.45).$1,100,000View Map
US 42Baker Road to Miller-Owens RoadReconstruct the curve to reduce the number and severity of crashes.$1,600,000View Map
Bridge Replacement/Repair

Project that replaces or repairs an existing bridge structure.

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Bender Road BridgeBig Bone CreekReplace the Bender Road bridge over Big Bone Creek, near mile point 0.25.$2,500,000View Map
Garrison Creek Road BridgeGarrison CreekReplace the Garrison Creek Road bridge over Garrison Creek, near mile point 1.05.$2,500,000View Map
KY 338 (Beaver Road) BridgeGum BranchReplace the KY 338 bridge over Gum Branch, near mile point 7.3.$3,000,000View Map
KY 842 (Richardson Road)Norfolk Southern RailroadReplace bridge over Norfolk Southern Rail Road on KY 842 (Richardson Road)$8,500,000View Map
Longbranch Road BridgeFowlers CreekReplace the Longbranch Road bridge over Fowlers Creek, near mile point 0.24$3,000,000View Map
Traffic Operation

Project that involves the design and placement of signs, signals, pavement markings, lighting, or intelligent transportation systems/new technologies.

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Boone County Traffic Control Center and Corridor Pilot ProjectVarious RoutesDevelop a buisness plan to identify a location for a Boone County traffic control center that will be used for Boone County to maintain and operate specified signals and signal systems. Construct the traffic control center as recommended, and partner with KYTC to transfer maintenance, timing responsibilities and associated funding of these signals to Boone County. As technology advances, consider application of new innovations such as adaptive signals and vehicle to infrastructure communication along these corridors. $3,400,000Not able to be mapped
I-71/75 Traffic Operations ImprovementI-71/75 Interchange with I-275 to Brent Spence BridgeConduct a study to improve capacity within the existing right-of-way during peak AM/PM travel times for all users. Consider innovative measures such as high-occupancy vehicle lanes, truck only lanes, variable speed limits, ramp metering, bus on shoulder, etc. Implement Recommendations.$2,750,000View Map
KY 18 (Burlington Pike)KY 338 (Jefferson Street)Conduct a signal warrant analysis. If warranted, install a signal at this location.$200,000View Map
KY 20 (Petersburg Road)Aviation BoulevardInstall a left turn lane on eastbound and westbound KY 20 (Petersburg Road) at Aviation Boulevard. This will also require installation of a new traffic signal.$1,000,000View Map
KY 237 (North Bend Road)Conrad LaneInstall full right turn lanes on the KY 237 (North Bend Road) northbound and southbound approaches to Conrad Lane$775,000View Map
Litton LaneKY 237 (North Bend Road)Install video actuation to detect the end of the queue on the eastbound Litton Lane approach to the intersection with KY 237 (North Bend Road). Adjust signal timing as needed.$20,000View Map
US 25 (Dixie Highway)Empire DriveComplete a traffic study and signal warrant analysis to add capacity and improve safety at the intersection. Install improvements as recommended.$1,150,000View Map
US 42Euclid Boulevard to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road)Perform a signal timing and coordination study to examine the existing signal system. Examine capacity improvements from improved signal timing for the existing signals as well as from adaptive signal controls. Install improvements as recommended.$770,000View Map
US 42KY 842 (Weaver Road)Construct additional turn lanes at the US 42 intersection with KY 842 (Weaver Road).$2,500,000View Map

Public passenger mass transport service and/or facility(ies).

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
First/Last Mile Innovative Technology Pilot ProjectsBoone CountyCollaborate with regional partners to establish innovative public/private pilot projects using ridesharing, carsharing, self-driving vehicles, alternative fuels, Smart device Apps, or other transportation technology advancements to provide vital first/last mile connections.TBDNot able to be mapped
TANK CVG Transit StationGreater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International AirportIn conjunction with the CVG Master Plan Update, construct a new transit station at CVG Airport to service multiple, future TANK transit route expansions connecting this vital transportation node with the region. Hub features include a sheltered waiting/transfer area and bus bay with storage capacity for up to three, 40 foot buses.$2,300,000View Map
TANK Pilot Shuttle ProgramHebron, CVG, Mt Zion/Richwood Road employment centersProvide operating funds for TANK pilot shuttles or vans that leverage private contributions and connect industrial parks and major employers with high volume TANK fixed route and Park & Ride lots.$250,000-$500,000/yearNot able to be mapped

Stand-alone bicycle and/or pedestrian-related projects. More bike/ped improvements are included as part of many Roadway Draft Recommendations.

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Bicycle Sharing ProgramVarious LocationsInvestigate opportunities to partner with Redbike to expand the bikeshare program and establish bike stations in Boone County.$250,000Not able to be mapped
Bicycle SignageVarious LocationsComplete a study to identify locations for "SHARE THE ROAD" signs with supplemental plaques within Boone County. The study should consider State, County and City routes. Install signs as recommended.$40,000Not able to be mapped
Conner Road Sidewalk Phase 1KY 237 (North Bend Road) to Limaburg RoadConstruct a sidewalk along the north side of the roadway.$1,140,000View Map
Conner Road Sidewalk Phase 2Limaburg Road to Cougar PathConstruct curb, gutter and sidewalk along the north side of the roadway.$610,000View Map
CVG Loop TrailVarious RoutesInstall a multi-use trail to loop around the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.$5,710,000View Map
KY 18 (Burlington Pike)KY 237 (North Bend Road) to KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)Construct new 10 foot wide multi-use path along the north side of KY 18 that connects with existing multi-use paths at each end of the project.$1,280,000View Map
KY 18 (Burlington Pike) SidewalkCommerce Drive to Woodspoint Drive, including the I-75 overpassProvide 0.3 miles of pedestrian accommodations on the north side of KY 18 (Burlington Pike), through the I-75 interchange. Consider widening the bridge or providing a separate pedestrian bridge over the interstate. $9,700,000View Map
KY 3060 (Frogtown Road)US 42 to War Admiral DriveConstruct new sidewalks along the north side of KY 3060 (Frogtown Road).$280,000View Map
KY 3503 and KY 2847 (Empire Drive) SidewalkKY 842 (Industrial Road) to US 25 (Dixie Highway)Construct a sidewalk along the east side of the roadway.$1,220,000View Map
Litton LaneKY 237 (North Bend Road) to the end of the roadwayInstall sidewalks along the north side of Litton Lane.$125,000View Map
New Buffington Multi-Use PathUS 25 (Dixie Highway) to Kenton County LineConstruct an approximate 2,500-foot long, 10-foot wide multi-use path on one side of New Buffington Road.$2,800,000View Map
Old Union Road SidewalkOld Union Road to US 42Install approximately 250 feet of pedestrian facilities on Old Union Road to connect the multi-use path along Orleans Boulevard to the sidewalk on Old Union Road, near the intersection with US 42.$240,000View Map
Pedestrian Facility ProgramBoone CountyContinue Boone County's pedestrian facility program to install bicycle and pedestrian facilities as needed throughout the County and including Florence, Union, Walton and other applicable public agencies.$300,000/yearNot able to be mapped
KY 338 (Jefferson Street/Idlewild Road)Temperate StreetPedestrian safety project to reconstruct the intersection of KY 338 at Temperate Street and install sidewalks along KY 338 as per the agreement between KYTC and Boone County$500,000View Map
Wright Boulevard SidewalkKY 237 (North Bend Road) to Langley BoulevardConstruct a sidewalk along the north side of Wright Boulevard. Include a pedestrian signal and crosswalks at the signalized intersection at KY 237 (North Bend Road) and Wright Boulevard$580,000View Map

Project that addresses specific freight surface transportation need(s).

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
I-71/75 Truck ParkingI-71/75 Northbound and Southbound Rest AreasInstall additional truck parking and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) signage to identify the open number of parking spaces at rest areas.$1,000,000View Map

Boone County serve as the leader/catalyst to address local, regional and state-wide transportation needs through public/private partnerships, administrative/legislative changes, and advocacy.

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Automated Vehicle Implementation PolicyCommonwealth of KentuckyWork with Kentucky legislature to establish an approach to permitting the safe testing and public use of automated vehicles.N/ANot able to be mapped
Boone County Freight RoundtableBoone CountyPartner with Northern Kentucky Tri-Ed and private freight businesses to convene a Freight Roundtable to identify opportunities to address truck parking challenges.N/ANot able to be mapped
Boone County Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Update: Street Lighting PolicyFuture Industrial and Commercial DevelopmentEstablish a policy to include street lighting on private roadways in new industrial parks or other development that generates nighttime pedestrian and/or bicycle traffic. Consider requiring solar powered lighting, to reduce the operational costs.N/ANot able to be mapped
Boone County Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Update: Truck Parking PolicyFuture Industrial and Commercial DevelopmentEstablish a policy to include infrastructure for truck parking, staging and queueing to more efficiently and safety handle such operations on private property and minimize impacts upon public right-of-way.N/ANot able to be mapped
Two-System Transit Transfer PolicyOhio, Kentucky, Indiana RegionEncourage TANK and Metro to consider updating existing policies to lessen financial and physical barriers associated with using both transit systems to access jobs.N/ANot able to be mapped

Roadway scoping study to determine preferred alignment. Please note that several Interchange Justification or Modification Studies are included as Roadway Draft Recommendations.

Facility/Project NameLocationDescriptionTotal Estimated CostView Map
Central Parkway Scoping StudyCentral Boone CountyPerform a scoping study to determine the preferred alignment, estimates, and potential phases of a Central Parkway through Boone County. The route should connect Camp Ernst Road at KY 237 (Pleasant Valley) to Verona. $750,000View Map
I-275KY 3608 (Idlewild Bypass)Perform an Interchange Modification Study (IMS) to improve the ramps at the I-275 exit at Petersburg.$1,000,000View Map
Mall Road ConnectorMall Road to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley)Perform a study to determine the preferred alignment and phasing of 1.4 miles of new roadway from Mall Road to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road)$400,000Not able to be mapped

← We’re hearing a lot of questions about the I-275/Graves Road Interchange, a project by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. We’re sharing the Cabinet’s flyer for the upcoming Public Information Meeting on the Interchange. At this meeting, the Cabinet is seeking your input on the proposed alternatives for the Interchange.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Plan’s first Public Involvement Phase! The Public Outreach Summary Report documents all comments received from the Public Open House, as well as other public involvement efforts conducted for the Transportation Plan.
If you tuned into our first Facebook Live Town Hall on August 31, thank you! We had intended to post the event recording to this website, but we experienced some unexpected glitches with Facebook and accessing the video. We’ve done a recap video of the questions discussed during the Town Hall, which you can view below.

Improve Safety and Security for all Travelers

  • Work to eliminate fatalities and injuries on public roads
  • Reduce the total number of crashes for all modes of transportation, including walking and bicycling
  • Consider the protection and resilience of critical transportation infrastructure from natural and human disasters
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize travel safety and security for all modes

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Preserve and Optimize the Existing Infrastructure

  • Maintain the existing system in a state of good repair
  • Utilize operational improvements to manage traffic effectively and improve the reliability of the transportation system within the existing right-of-way
  • Expand the performance of the existing network by supporting reliable transit service
  • Provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities to optimize the transportation network and ensure connectivity between activity nodes
  • Maximize use of the existing right-of-way and facilities to manage traffic effectively through innovative transportation design solutions
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to manage traffic effectively and maximize the performance of the existing network

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Provide Sufficient Future Capacity and Mobility

  • Address existing and projected capacity needs based on anticipated volumes through the 2040 planning year
  • Improve travel time reliability
  • Provide a minimum Level of Service “C” on public roadways and intersections
  • Employ the use of transit, sidewalks/multi-use paths and bike lanes as capacity solution options
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize the performance of the future network

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Facilitate Freight Logistics

  • Accommodate the growing volume of truck traffic to ensure safe and efficient goods movement
  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility to freight-related jobs and mobility of employees, especially transit-dependent populations or zero-car households
  • Address temporary and long-term truck parking issues
  • Improve interconnectivity and accessibility to local, regional and global freight modes
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to address freight demands upon the transportation network

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Support Economic Vitality

  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility, connectivity and mobility between centers of employment, consumer activity and residential development
  • Demonstrate compatibility with the Boone County Comprehensive Plan, to marry the transportation system with existing zoning and future land uses
  • Retain, expand and attract private investment by establishing Boone County as a leader in the implantation of advanced transportation technology

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Enrich Quality of Life

  • Incorporate community design when developing transportation improvements
  • Improve community health by encouraging non-motorized transportation modes like walking and bicycling
  • Provide mobility options for all populations to accommodate social, physical and economic needs

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Ensure Fiscal Responsibilty

  • Define anticipated, traditional funding sources
  • Identify new and innovative funding sources to address transportation needs
  • Establish a level of fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year
  • Prioritize transportation improvements in order to achieve and maintain fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year

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Environmental Sustainabilty

  • Preserve the natural and historic context of Boone County
  • Minimize impacts to air quality
  • Ensure compatibility with other Boone County plans

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Utilize Innovative Designs and "Smart" Technologies

  • Consider innovative design solutions to address transportation issues
  • Take a proactive planning approach to realize the full advantage of technological opportunities in leveraging public investments to provide a state of the art transportation network
  • Develop public policies and practices that facilitate the implementation of new technologies

More info Coming soon!

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