Two-System Transit Transfer Policy

Project Information

Facility: N/A

Location: Counties of Boone, Butler, Campbell, Clermont, Dearborn, Hamilton, Kenton, and Warren

Project Type: Transit

Priority Level: Tier 1

Project Description:

  • Boone County Fiscal Court encourages TANK and Metro to consider updating existing policies to lessen financial and physical barriers associated with using both transit systems to access jobs.
  • TANK and Metro implement policy updates once identified.

Cost Estimate:

  • The support for policy updates is proposed to be conducted within existing Boone County Fiscal Court administrative budget at no additional cost.
  • Policy updates that would eliminate additional transfer fees between systems by reducing the price of Metro/TANK monthly passes are estimated to cost both public transit systems combined $330,000-$400,000 annually.


  • Delivers a more socially- and economically-just regional transit service.
  • Provides a more efficient and flexible transit service, thereby maximizing public and private transportation investments.
  • Reduces door-to-door travel times and cost for all transit customers.
  • Enhances Quality of Life for all transit customers.
  • Increases the ability for employers across the entire OKI region to attract and retain employees by widening the regional pool of potential workforce candidates through increased accessibility.
  • Helps to reduce Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) travel and roadway congestion through increased transit usage.


  • Coordination of two, independently run public transit agencies that operate in two different states of Ohio and Kentucky.

Existing Conditions


  • Existing and future data identifies areas throughout Boone County experiencing congestion-related concerns and travel time delay due to high rates of SOV travel.


  • Existing and future data does not support this as a safety-related transportation improvement.

Land Use/Socio-Economic/Environmental:

  • Boone County already holds the title as the fastest growing county in the OKI region and Commonwealth of Kentucky. Boone County employee growth is projected to increase by over 20,000 people by 2040.
  • Workforce availability and accessibility has been acknowledged at the local, county, regional and state level as a critical issue facing continued economic growth and vitality.


  • TANK currently operates eight express routes and one local route (1 – Dixie Highway/Florence) in Boone County that originate or terminate in Downtown Cincinnati to connect with Metro express and local bus service to southwest Ohio communities:
  • 1X – Houston Road/Mineola Pike Express
  • 2X – The Airporter
  • 22X – Richwood/Walton Express
  • 28X – Empire Drive/Industrial Road Express
  • 32X – Burlington Express
  • 39X – Petersburg Road/South Hebron Express
  • 40X – Worldwide Boulevard/North Hebron Express
  • 42X – Florence Hub Express
  • For customers using both transit agencies, the Metro/TANK Express Monthly Pass is the highest pre-paid fare available.

Pre-Paid Fares*

TANK 30 Day Pass $53.00
TANK Express 30 Day Pass $70.00
Senior Disabled Sticker $25.00
Senior Express Disabled Sticker $40.00
Metro/TANK Monthly Pass $105.00
Metro/TANK Express Monthly Pass $115.00
Ten Ride Local Pass $13.50
Ten Ride Express Pass $18.00
Student Ten Ride Pass $10.00

*Prices above do not include TANK/Metro transfer fees ($0.85 or $1.00)

to all passes except Metro/TANK Monthly and Metro/TANK Express.

  • Customers using both TANK and Metro service often experience multiple bus transfers, waiting times, and the longest-commute trips compared to other transit riders.
  • Many customers do not have credit cards or sufficient savings to purchase the high monthly pass. Therefore, they purchase daily or weekly passes which add up to monthly transit expenses greater than $115.
  • Several public comments received during the development of the Boone County Transportation Plan voiced their appreciation for existing transit and support for expanding transit as a means of addressing Boone County traffic.