KY 18/Aero Parkway Intersection Improvement

Project Information

Facility: KY 18 (Burlington Pike)

Location: KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)/Oakbrook Drive (CR 1011)

Project Type: Roadway Widening/Relocation/New Facility

Priority Level: Tier 2

Project Description:

  • Improve capacity at the KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway) to support existing traffic as well as economic growth.
  • Consider grade separated options as well as non-conventional, at-grade intersection treatments.
  • Include facilities to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists.

Cost Estimate:

Planning Design Utilities Right of Way Construction TOTAL
$150,000 $4,500,000 $5,000,000 $7,500,000 $30,000,000 $47,150,000


  • Improvements to the KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)/Oakbrook Drive will improve existing congestion and provide sufficient capacity to support planned development along KY 1017.
  • Traffic flow along the KY 18 corridor will be improved by reducing delay at this intersection.
  • The multi-use considerations included in this recommendation support Boone County’s goal of improving bicycle and pedestrian connectivity and safety throughout the county.  Click HERE for a map of multi-use paths in Boone County.


  • Additional right-of-way will be needed to implement improvements.
  • Future traffic demand analysis will be needed to forecast future traffic volumes and identify a preferred alternative.
  • Due to the elevations of KY 18, KY 1017 and Oakbrook Drive, grade separated alternatives may impact planned economic development.
  • There is an electric substation located on the south-west quadrant of the intersection. Impacts to this substation are estimated to be $10,000,000 and have been included in the cost estimate.

Existing Conditions

Functional Classification: KY 18: Principal Arterial | KY 1017: Minor Arterial | Oakbrook Drive: Major Collector

Existing ADT (vehicles per day): KY 18: 36,770 | KY 1017: 14,810 | Oakbrook Drive: 6,480

2040 Forecasted ADT (vehicles per day): KY 18: 56,600 | KY 1017: 27,800 | Oakbrook Drive: 7,700

Truck Volumes: KY 18: 8% | KY 1017: 4% | Oakbrook Drive:  Not Available


  • The existing KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway)/Oakbrook Drive handles heavy traffic volumes along KY 18 and KY 1017. Congestion is evident by cycle failures tp clear cues for heavy movements during peak hours.
  • The heavy movement in the AM peak hour is the eastbound left turning movement from KY 18 to KY 1017. There are existing cycle failures associated with this movement.
  • In the PM peak hour, the heavy movements include eastbound and westbound through movements as well as southbound right turns from KY 1017 onto KY 18.
  • There is planned development along KY 1017 that will contribute to delay at this intersection.

Land Use/Socio-Economic/Environmental:

  • The KY 18 intersection with KY 1017/Oakbrook Drive serves adjacent commercial and residential land uses.
  • The Amazon Air Prime Hub is planned at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). Access to the development will connect with KY 1017. This development will generate additional employee and truck traffic on KY 1017.


  • The frequency of crashes along KY 18 in the project area is 50% higher than the statewide average of similar roadways. Crashes along KY 1017 and Oakbrook drive are less than half the statewide average rate of similar roadways.


  • There is a multi-use path that is planned along the north side of KY 18 that will terminate at this intersection.
  • There is an existing multi-use path along the south side of KY 1017 and an existing sidewalk along the southeast side of Oakbrook Drive.
  • TANK’s Fixed Route 32x runs along KY 18 through the project area.