Boone County Freight Roundtable to Address Truck Parking

Project Information

Facilities: N/A

Location: Boone County

Project Type: Policy

Priority Level: Tier 1

Project Description:

  • Boone County Fiscal Court will partner with Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, Tri-State Logistics Council and CVG to convene a Freight Roundtable with public officials and private businesses for the goal of identifying opportunities to address truck parking challenges.
  • Potential opportunities discussed during the development of this Boone County Transportation Plan that may help shape Roundtable meeting agendas include, but are not limited to:
  • Support an update to Boone County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations that establishes a policy to more efficiently and safely handle truck parking, staging and queueing operations on future industrial and commercial development within the private property.

  • Improve private company dock/internal operations to facilitate in-time truck arrivals/departures to reduce truck parking on public right-of-ways and off-site private properties.

  • Conduct a feasibility study for a public, dedicated truck parking facility and/or enhanced truck parking infrastructure. Implement recommendations through joint public/private partnerships.

  • Support law enforcement to combat illegal truck parking that poses harm to the public welfare.

Cost Estimate:

  • This policy recommendation is proposed to be conducted within existing Boone County Fiscal Court, Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, Tri-State Logistics Council and CVG administrative budgets at no additional cost.
  • If solutions requiring funding arise from the Freight Roundtable to address truck parking, suggestions for potential public and/or private funding sources would become a focus of discussion in order to achieve implementation.


  • Identification of the most viable and cost effective means of addressing truck parking through a collaborative public/private partnership.
  • Mutual support from members and staff of Northern Kentucky Tri-ED and Tri-State Logistics Council. Both organizations have identified truck parking as a critical issue facing the entire region and are committed to addressing the problem.
  • Timing with CVG’s Master Plan Update is opportunity to engage the Airport as a regional partner in the topic of truck parking and collaborate on potential solutions.
  • As Boone County solutions to truck parking issues are identified, regional partners such as Northern Kentucky Tri-ED and the Tri-State Logistics Council can replicate to other northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio counties facing similar concerns.


  • No challenges are identified in connection with this recommendation.

Existing Conditions

Facilities with Heavy Truck Parking in Public Right-of-Way Location Functional Class Average Daily Traffic Count / Percent Trucks (year) Critical Crash Rate Factor
Langley Drive Full length Local 2,260 / Not Available (2016) 1.57
Wright Boulevard Full length Local 12,780 / Not Available (2016) Less than one
KY 18 (Burlington Pike) Just west of I-71/75 Minor Arterial 19,723 / 11.06% (2015) 1.95
I-71/75 SB/NB Rest Areas Entire areas including exit ramps Interstate Not Available Not Available
KY 338 (Richwood Road) I-71/75 interchange with concentration just east Minor Arterial 13,721 / 25.44% (2015) 3.86
KY 14 (Mary Grubbs Highway) I-71/75 interchange with concentration at SB exit ramp Major Collector 6,033 / 23.22% (2005) 5.03


  • Boone County is home to major companies that serve as significant truck traffic generators.
  • An initial examination of existing data was analyzed during the development of the Boone County Transportation Plan to identify “hot spots” or roadways with high levels of truck parking occurring within the public right-of-way. Available authoritative, real world data was used to assist in validating verbal reports of truck parking issues collected during the Transportation Plan and quantifying the degree of the problem to public and private stakeholders at the local, state, regional and federal levels.
  • The lack of adequate truck parking facilities to meet ever-growing demand is a critical issue in Boone County. Long term parking is needed for drivers to take their mandatory 10-hour rest periods. Short-term truck parking issues arise when drivers arrive prior to scheduled delivery/pick-up times and logistics/distribution centers do not provide for sufficient truck staging space. Public rest areas and private truck stops are filled to capacity forcing truck drivers to park in private parking lots and along public right-of-ways.
  • Boone County growth in freight logistics and distribution companies will continue to add truck parking demands upon key areas adjacent to interstates, industrial parks and private truck stops.


  • Truck parking in private lots creates conflicts with passenger vehicles where turning radii and sufficient parking space was not designed for large tracker trailers.
  • Noise and fumes from idling trucks create a nuisance for local communities and businesses.
  • Truck parking along public right-of-ways such as interstate exit/entrance ramps and road shoulders create both safety hazards and the need for additional maintenance from the degradation pavement, rutting of shoulders and collisions with utility and light poles.