Winter/Spring/Summer 2017: Data Collection

This phase is currently underway.

Summer 2017: Public Involvement: Identifying Transportation Needs

Fall 2017: Public Involvement: Setting Recommendations & Priorities

Winter 2018: Boone County Transportation Plan Complete

Improve Safety and Security for all Travelers

  • Work to eliminate fatalities and injuries on public roads
  • Reduce the total number of crashes for all modes of transportation, including walking and bicycling
  • Consider the protection and resilience of critical transportation infrastructure from natural and human disasters
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize travel safety and security for all modes

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Preserve and Optimize the Existing Infrastructure

  • Maintain the existing system in a state of good repair
  • Utilize operational improvements to manage traffic effectively and improve the reliability of the transportation system within the existing right-of-way
  • Expand the performance of the existing network by supporting reliable transit service
  • Provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities to optimize the transportation network and ensure connectivity between activity nodes
  • Maximize use of the existing right-of-way and facilities to manage traffic effectively through innovative transportation design solutions
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to manage traffic effectively and maximize the performance of the existing network

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Provide Sufficient Future Capacity and Mobility

  • Address existing and projected capacity needs based on anticipated volumes through the 2040 planning year
  • Improve travel time reliability
  • Provide a minimum Level of Service “C” on public roadways and intersections
  • Employ the use of transit, sidewalks/multi-use paths and bike lanes as capacity solution options
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize the performance of the future network

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Facilitate Freight Logistics

  • Accommodate the growing volume of truck traffic to ensure safe and efficient goods movement
  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility to freight-related jobs and mobility of employees, especially transit-dependent populations or zero-car households
  • Address temporary and long-term truck parking issues
  • Improve interconnectivity and accessibility to local, regional and global freight modes
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to address freight demands upon the transportation network

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Support Economic Vitality

  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility, connectivity and mobility between centers of employment, consumer activity and residential development
  • Demonstrate compatibility with the Boone County Comprehensive Plan, to marry the transportation system with existing zoning and future land uses
  • Retain, expand and attract private investment by establishing Boone County as a leader in the implantation of advanced transportation technology

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Enrich Quality of Life

  • Incorporate community design when developing transportation improvements
  • Improve community health by encouraging non-motorized transportation modes like walking and bicycling
  • Provide mobility options for all populations to accommodate social, physical and economic needs

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Ensure Fiscal Responsibilty

  • Define anticipated, traditional funding sources
  • Identify new and innovative funding sources to address transportation needs
  • Establish a level of fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year
  • Prioritize transportation improvements in order to achieve and maintain fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year

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Environmental Sustainabilty

  • Preserve the natural and historic context of Boone County
  • Minimize impacts to air quality
  • Ensure compatibility with other Boone County plans

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Utilize Innovative Designs and "Smart" Technologies

  • Consider innovative design solutions to address transportation issues
  • Take a proactive planning approach to realize the full advantage of technological opportunities in leveraging public investments to provide a state of the art transportation network
  • Develop public policies and practices that facilitate the implementation of new technologies

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