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Project Manager of the Boone County Transportation Plan

Robyn G. Bancroft, AICP

Strategic Initiatives Manager

OKI Regional Council of Governments
720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Who is OKI?

For over a half-century, the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments, or OKI, has been the Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, serving two million residents across eight counties in southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. Federally mandated and federally funded, an MPO sets the multi-modal transportation policy for its designated region. Each year, OKI approves $1 billion in projects and invests $40 million of our money in the region. And, we do all this with a board of 117 members that includes 76 elected officials. Amazingly, we do all this approving and investing by consensus.

What Firms have been contracted to assist?

What is Boone County’s Role?

Boone County Fiscal Court requested that OKI manage this Plan and provided the non-federal local match of $60,000 (20% of the Plan’s total cost. The remaining $240,000 is Kentucky Planning Discretionary funding). In the County’s desire to address existing and future needs and explore new techniques to optimize the transportation system, they have pledged time, energy, leadership and staff’s full support to the project.

Improve Safety and Security for all Travelers

  • Work to eliminate fatalities and injuries on public roads
  • Reduce the total number of crashes for all modes of transportation, including walking and bicycling
  • Consider the protection and resilience of critical transportation infrastructure from natural and human disasters
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize travel safety and security for all modes

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Preserve and Optimize the Existing Infrastructure

  • Maintain the existing system in a state of good repair
  • Utilize operational improvements to manage traffic effectively and improve the reliability of the transportation system within the existing right-of-way
  • Expand the performance of the existing network by supporting reliable transit service
  • Provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities to optimize the transportation network and ensure connectivity between activity nodes
  • Maximize use of the existing right-of-way and facilities to manage traffic effectively through innovative transportation design solutions
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to manage traffic effectively and maximize the performance of the existing network

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Provide Sufficient Future Capacity and Mobility

  • Address existing and projected capacity needs based on anticipated volumes through the 2040 planning year
  • Improve travel time reliability
  • Provide a minimum Level of Service “C” on public roadways and intersections
  • Employ the use of transit, sidewalks/multi-use paths and bike lanes as capacity solution options
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to maximize the performance of the future network

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Facilitate Freight Logistics

  • Accommodate the growing volume of truck traffic to ensure safe and efficient goods movement
  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility to freight-related jobs and mobility of employees, especially transit-dependent populations or zero-car households
  • Address temporary and long-term truck parking issues
  • Improve interconnectivity and accessibility to local, regional and global freight modes
  • Consider the application of advanced technologies to address freight demands upon the transportation network

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Support Economic Vitality

  • Enhance multi-modal accessibility, connectivity and mobility between centers of employment, consumer activity and residential development
  • Demonstrate compatibility with the Boone County Comprehensive Plan, to marry the transportation system with existing zoning and future land uses
  • Retain, expand and attract private investment by establishing Boone County as a leader in the implantation of advanced transportation technology

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Enrich Quality of Life

  • Incorporate community design when developing transportation improvements
  • Improve community health by encouraging non-motorized transportation modes like walking and bicycling
  • Provide mobility options for all populations to accommodate social, physical and economic needs

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Ensure Fiscal Responsibilty

  • Define anticipated, traditional funding sources
  • Identify new and innovative funding sources to address transportation needs
  • Establish a level of fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year
  • Prioritize transportation improvements in order to achieve and maintain fiscal constraint through the 2040 planning year

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Environmental Sustainabilty

  • Preserve the natural and historic context of Boone County
  • Minimize impacts to air quality
  • Ensure compatibility with other Boone County plans

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Utilize Innovative Designs and "Smart" Technologies

  • Consider innovative design solutions to address transportation issues
  • Take a proactive planning approach to realize the full advantage of technological opportunities in leveraging public investments to provide a state of the art transportation network
  • Develop public policies and practices that facilitate the implementation of new technologies

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